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My Toddler Runs Away!

Der Miss Faith, My son will be 2 next month and occasionally runs away from me.  I have a 6 month old also, so I’m usually holding the baby and I am so afraid this will become a habit. … [read more]

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Welcome to My Website

I'm so glad you found Joyful Toddlers!; please look around. I believe that children—just like the rest of us—long to live a life in which they feel connected, feel competent, and are able to contribute to something greater than themselves. ... [read more]

Discipline & Connecting

My Toddler Runs Away!...

Der Miss Faith, My son will be 2 next month and occasionally runs away from me.  I have a 6 month … More to Explore

My Toddler Hits!...

Dear Miss Faith, I care for a little boy of 24 months.  His parents are having big relationship … More to Explore

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Your Social Toddler

Being Too Rough with Baby

Dear Miss Faith, What can I do when my toddler is rough with the baby (usually unintentionally, but … Read More

Sibling Interactions Between Kids & Crawlers

Dear Miss Faith, I have a 9 month old who has just started really crawling and getting all up in … Read More

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Harmonious Home Life

Do You Like Your Toddler?

In observing families for my dissertation, I visited two families who on first glance were similar. … Read More

Demanding and Whiny 4-year-old

Dear Miss Faith, My son makes demands almost every time he talks. If I ask him to talk nice or say … Read More

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Play & Activities

Pinterest for Play Yards

When I first started transforming my flat, boring, soggy yard into my Play Garden, my goals were for … Read More

The Benefits of Risky Play

A few days ago I heard an interview on NPR asking the question, "Is It Time to Bring Risk Back Into … Read More

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Book Reviews

Book Review: Free-Range Kids

Overall, I really enjoyed Free Range Kids: How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children (Without Going … Read More

Book Review: Raising Happiness

I absolutely loved the book Raising Happiness: 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful Kids and Happier … Read More

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Join Our Play Garden Classes!

Registration is now open for 2018 Play Garden classes!  A Waldorf-inspired curriculum includes … Read More

Faith on This Week In America

I had a fun interview with Ric Bratton on the radio show This Week In America, which airs in 128 … Read More

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