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Smooth & Easy Transitions

Usually we think of transitions as something that must be done in order to get to something else, but very young children don’t think this way and can’t think this way. Young children live in the moment. So in order to have transitions go smoothly and enjoyably, change your view so that each transition is an activity in its own right, with a beginning, a middle and an end. … [Read more...]

Responding to Drama

Dear Miss Faith, I have two daughters, four-and-a-half and two-and-a-half. Whenever my littler one takes something, or 'hurts' my older daughter she is very dramatic in her response. She makes it seem like it's the end of the world! Any suggestions for being compassionate, but not encouraging such a reaction? Is there any way to discourage it? Thank, … [Read more...]

The Foundation of Social Interactions

The foundation of positive social interactions between children is to teach them to notice how other children are receiving their actions, and to listen to each others' requests. Noticing How Others React The first piece of this is to help youngsters start to notice both positive and negative responses to their actions. This is especially important when … [Read more...]

Bullying/Sibling Rivalry

Dear Miss Faith, I am looking for suggestions to help with some fairly severe sibling rivalry. This is a preschool-aged old boy towards his young-toddler sister, in a family which I visit with regularly and care about deeply. Thank you, M. Dear M, How frustrating for you to see two children you care about being unkind! Kudos to you for looking to take some … [Read more...]

End of Meal Transition

Dear Miss Faith, I run a small home daycare, and a difficult time for me is clearing the table after a meal. Do you have the kids clear their bowls or empty extra food into the compost? My children excuse themselves when finished and leave their items on the table to be cleared and then washed by myself and any child who wants to help. I'd like to have a clearing/composting … [Read more...]

Practical Tips on "Life"

So what can we do, as parents and caregivers, to ensure that these household tasks foster connection, foster competence, and foster the children's ability to contribute? What can we do to help tasks go smoothly, so that we don't feel frazzled as we try to incorporate children into the neverending tasks of housework? It turns out there are lots of things we can do: Slow … [Read more...]

What I mean by "Life"

In my last post I talked about Life As the Curriculum, and why children really feel fulfilled by helping with household tasks. So what do I mean by "Life?" There are several layers of “Life” as I see it, that combine to form a rich day (and a rich life!) if they are done with attention, reverence, and spaciousness: Daily Tasks. These include preparing meals, setting the … [Read more...]


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