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Foster Patience

 Our enjoyment of the children in our lives increases dramatically when we teach them how to be patient. Picture two sets of mothers talking together. One has a child who wants his mom to push him on the swing. She tells him that she's busy talking, and he whines and pulls on her for five minutes until she finally gives in. With the other set of mothers, a little boy wants his … [Read more...]


People have asked me about toys for toddlers, my ‘must have’ list. Mostly, I think that children do better with fewer toys than we would ever imagine. If you want a more comprehensive list, look in Kim John Payne’s book “Simplicity Parenting.” But here’s my list: -First, colored silks. These are so versatile and can be used for so many different things: as a cape or … [Read more...]

“Stop,” “Don’t,” and “No”

How and Why to Stop Saying “Stop,” “Don’t,” and “No.” Stop saying “Stop.” Why I avoid saying ‘stop’: Young children can’t stop. They don’t understand it yet; the only time they stop is when they’re sleeping. So I try to avoid saying “stop,” as that only tends to lead to frustration, both on my part and the children’s. So what to do when children are doing something that … [Read more...]

‘Shy’ Toddlers

Dear Faith,          I would love your thoughts in shyness in my almost two year old.  I've noticed in recent months that if someone she doesn't know talks to her or wants to engage with her (question, etc) she becomes very withdrawn.  I have had several experiences recently when she enters an unfamiliar space with people around that she … [Read more...]


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