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Responding to Biting

Dear Miss Faith, I have a 2 ½ year old an 18 month old, and both are biting. We’re doing as much as we can to prevent them from biting in the first place, but my question is about what do to once a bite has happened. In general, when one bites another, we say "no biting. look you really hurt her/him" in a stern way as we comfort the child who was hurt. is this a good … [Read more...]

Book Review: Simplicity Parenting

I was looking for a certain post the other day, and it came to my attention that some of my posts didn't make the transfer over from blogspot! I don't know why, but I will go ahead and re-post them gradually. This one is a book review of Simplicity Parenting that I wrote almost a year and a half ago. Since then the book has taken the early childhood community by storm, and my … [Read more...]

Refusing to Speak

Hi Faith, My friend just turned me onto your blog and the timing couldn't be better! I have a 16 month old daughter that has stopped talking! She will grunt and/or whine instead. She said her first word at around 1 year old and added another 5 or 6 words to her vocabulary within the next month or two. But at about 14 months, she stopped talking. She still makes animal sounds - … [Read more...]

Clingy & Possessive 2.5yo

Hi Faith! I have been thinking over the past 10 days that I am sure you could shed some light on what is happening with my 2 1/2 yo. son. I stay at home with him and there have been no changes to routine or the environment that I can detect. In the past my son has been friendly and charming when around others that live in the home (dad, older sister, and grandmother) but over … [Read more...]

A Case Against the Toy Chest

You might be wondering what anyone could have against a toy chest. Isn’t that an integral part of childhood? Well, my argument starts with the idea that there are only two things that ever happen with a toy chest: 1) Everything gets dumped out onto the floor, or 2) It is ignored. I guess there’s a third thing which happens, which is: 3) Mom or dad puts everything back in … [Read more...]

Independent Play, Part II

This is the second segment of a post that got too long. A mom wrote in asking how to help her son play independently, when he's used to having her as his main playmate. I suggested that she alternate times when she pays direct attention to him, with times of 'being busy.' I wrote about the types of direct attention in the first blog, which you can find here: … [Read more...]


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