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Make Your Own Rituals

You may have noticed that the children in your life love having things done exactly the same way every time. There is a good reason for this: when we do things the same way each time, it lets children develop competence. They are able to anticipate what will happen next, they know exactly how things go, and eventually they will be able to do it themselves. Children get a great … [Read more...]

3 Year Old Defiance

Dear Miss Faith, My son is 3.5yo, and we’re struggling with defiance. I had been very permissive with him in the past, and it wasn’t serving us or him. Now I am struggling to establish new boundaries. I feel like this is the right thing to do, but it isn’t going so well. In the moment, when I am exercising my authority he either throws a tantrum (a new behavior from him), or … [Read more...]

Missing Grandma

Dear Miss Faith, My little boy is intense and sensitive in how he loves people. My mother was in town for 2 weeks, and we took her to the airport to send her off together. I took my son with her to the gate and showed him that she was leaving and going back to her home. He didn't fully acknowledge it (he is 2.5) although I know he is capable of doing so. Afterwards, he … [Read more...]

Running Away

Dear Miss Faith--My 2 year old is running away from me for everything, and it's causing some problems. Put on socks, shoes, brush teeth, go to school, change diaper, go outside - he runs runs runs! Any ideas? He used to be excited to do all this, and now ... … [Read more...]

Wanting One Parent More

Dear Miss Faith, My daughter (2 1/4) has a strong preference for mama. I mean - really strong. My husband and I are both at home (he's been taking time off work since she was born) and they get plenty of one-on-one, but the fact is that if I am in the room (or the house), she'll come try to find me or want me to read the book, or whatever. My husband is really hurt by all this … [Read more...]

Crafts for Easter

What can you do for Easter with little ones, especially if you're not very religious, or don't have many traditions from your own family? We all know about Easter Egg Hunts, although these can be difficult for very dreamy kids, who can't figure out where to look. Another way of doing an Easter Egg Hunt is for you and your toddler to hide the eggs for Daddy (or older … [Read more...]


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