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Help with Power Struggles

Hi Miss Faith, My son is 2 and I feel like we are in a constant power struggle. I know it's somewhat normal but I hate this, and feel bad about it. I feel like I'm constantly giving him choices but if feels manipulative. … [Read more...]

Scared Toddler

Dear Miss Faith, My question is about my 23 month old and how lately she seems to be spooked by a lot of different things. We have recently welcomed a new baby to the house, but overall she's really done well with the baby. So I'm not sure if this recent behaviour is because of our 3 month olds arrival, an age related thing or if its just her. Things that make noise seem the … [Read more...]

Demanding Tone of Voice

Dear Miss Faith, My daughter is four years old. She never went through the terrible 2's and the 3's have been fun until now. Lately everything she says is in a demanding tone of voice. It has been a real struggle. I've been helping her speak in an acceptable tone of voice by rephrasing everything she says for her, as you've suggested on your blog, and this has been working … [Read more...]

Sensitive, Moody and Defiant

Dear Miss Faith, My son is 3 and a quarter, and he's very sensitive and moody, and often defiant. I correct him and tell him what I do want him to do, but I feel conflicted about punishing him because he often seems like he's not feeling good and then that leads to challenging behavior, and my heart is telling me to love him and connect no matter what. So i just pour love … [Read more...]


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