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Tired of No’s

Dear Miss Faith, On your advice I've been using imagery when my 2yo daughter says no, and for the most part it's been very effective. But suddenly in the last week the no's have increased dramatically. No to drying off, no to handing me a bucket, no to me changing the sheets, no to eating, no to me playing with her, no to brushing her teeth, no to washing hands, etc, etc. … [Read more...]

Bossy Older Child

Dear Miss Faith, I have a home daycare and I am having trouble during circle and story. I want this to be a beautiful time but one of the children, a precocious big almost 4 year-old girl, tries to take over and be the teacher. I am finding myself in a power struggle with her and I don’t know what to do. Last week I got so caught up in it that I just stopped circle and later … [Read more...]

Son Says, “I Don’t Love You, Mommy”

Dear Miss Faith, My son is 2.75 years old and recently shocked me by looking me in the eye and saying, "I no love you mama." Shocked. I said, "you don't love me? you don't like that I am changing your diaper right now, do you." He said, "I just no love you mama. I no love you." I was stuck. He normally tells me he loves me 20 times a day and is effusive. I feel hurt, of … [Read more...]


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