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The Secret to Getting Your Way with a Stubborn Child

Check out my guest post on the 'What to Expect' website, in their Word of Mom blog. I wrote about The Secret to Getting Your Way with a Stubborn Child. … [Read more...]

Son is Frustrated that Mom Can’t Understand

Dear Miss Faith, My little guy (2 yrs 4 m) seems to be getting frustrated a lot when he doesn't have the words/ ability to explain what he needs help with. For example, he may want to build a tower with pillows in a certain way and wants me to help, but isn't able to express how he wants me to help. So, I will guess and ask questions and try different ways, and when I don't … [Read more...]


Dear Miss Faith, My daughter just turned three and mostly things are fine, but her neediness is draining on me. It feels a bit like there's a hole in her bucket, and I can't fill it up somehow. I'm not sure why there is so much whininess, such a fanatical emphasis on perfection, such passionate insistence on being carried around the kitchen or down the stairs, such a … [Read more...]


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