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Stay Connected through New Pregnancy

Hello Miss Faith, I have a 2.75yo daughter and I've recently found out I'm pregnant again. Although we have been hoping for a new baby, I can't shake my feelings of guilt at experiencing all this with someone other than my daughter. Lately I've felt not-so-good, and I've been taking more time for myself and I feel that this is causing more distance between my daughter and me … [Read more...]

Firm But Kind

Dear Miss Faith, I really struggle with the balance between firm and kind. I'm often bad at holding boundaries, and then when I finally do, my kindness seems like it's nowhere to be found. How can I be firm without losing my sense of connection? … [Read more...]

Integrate Your Kids into Adult Activities

Dear Miss Faith, My husband, two boys (ages 3 and 4.5) and I recently moved into an intentional community where there are no other children. The other adults are welcoming but generally don't know what to do, and my boys have started becoming more and more disruptive. I have turned to a very reactive way of parenting, always getting annoyed and whisking them away from adult … [Read more...]


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