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The Website Is Having a Makeover!

Check out the new Joyful Toddlers website! Many thanks to my web redesign team, Kay Diamond and Wahhab Baldwin, with logo design by Aditto Chan at This has been a labor of love on Kay & Wahhab's part as their expertise was far beyond my budget. But because they are my lovely Father (web programmer) and Stepmom (web designer), and have recently retired, they … [Read more...]

Sharing & Taking Turns

Dear Miss Faith, My daughter and I participate in a toddler play-group and some mothers are very insistent that their children practice sharing, while I tend to think that sharing will come with time. What are your thoughts? Dear Mama, I think that our adult idea of sharing (I’ll use it for a little while, then I’ll give it to you even if I’m not done, and you’ll use it for … [Read more...]


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