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Repeating Questions Over and Over

Dear Miss Faith, My 2 year old repeats herself over and over and over again, to the point that i get soooooo frustrated. I mean i answer her in as many creative ways as i can think of. She kept saying i want a glass of milk, and i said yes when we get home. Then she kept asking– so I kept finding new ways to help her to feel heard, like “you really want a glass a milk eh?” … [Read more...]

Kids and Social Graces

Dear Miss Faith, My daughter (age 2.75) takes a really long time to warm up in social situations, and seems to feel easily overwhelmed by kids with big energy, even to the point of growling at other kids. It seems like she's so shy and I'm worried that won't be ready for preschool. What can I do to help her? Dear Mama, First of all, I want to encourage you not to worry. … [Read more...]

Getting Dressed in the Morning

Dear Miss Faith, I wonder if you could give some ideas for me to help my 4yo daughter get dressed in the morning. She is taking it very slow, and nothing I say or do can seem to speed it up. My 2yo and I have to wait for her before we all go downstairs for breakfast, and I find I feel angry and powerless. Another thing is that she has developed a sensitivity to her … [Read more...]

Couch Time for Mom

Dear Miss Faith, I’ve been feeling extra tired lately because I’m pregnant with #2. I've been working on taking more time for myself and am taking two breaks a day where I drink a glass of water and knit while my daughter (age 2.75) plays. This used to work fine, but lately every time I sit down with my little cup of water she has a meltdown, often throwing her toys angrily on … [Read more...]

Birthday Celebrations

Dear Miss Faith, I want to throw a birthday party for my daughter turning three, and am looking for age-appropriate ideas for party activities. What do you do for a 3yo birthday party? … [Read more...]

Stay Connected through New Pregnancy

Hello Miss Faith, I have a 2.75yo daughter and I've recently found out I'm pregnant again. Although we have been hoping for a new baby, I can't shake my feelings of guilt at experiencing all this with someone other than my daughter. Lately I've felt not-so-good, and I've been taking more time for myself and I feel that this is causing more distance between my daughter and me … [Read more...]

Firm But Kind

Dear Miss Faith, I really struggle with the balance between firm and kind. I'm often bad at holding boundaries, and then when I finally do, my kindness seems like it's nowhere to be found. How can I be firm without losing my sense of connection? … [Read more...]

Integrate Your Kids into Adult Activities

Dear Miss Faith, My husband, two boys (ages 3 and 4.5) and I recently moved into an intentional community where there are no other children. The other adults are welcoming but generally don't know what to do, and my boys have started becoming more and more disruptive. I have turned to a very reactive way of parenting, always getting annoyed and whisking them away from adult … [Read more...]

The Secret to Getting Your Way with a Stubborn Child

Check out my guest post on the 'What to Expect' website, in their Word of Mom blog. I wrote about The Secret to Getting Your Way with a Stubborn Child. … [Read more...]

Son is Frustrated that Mom Can’t Understand

Dear Miss Faith, My little guy (2 yrs 4 m) seems to be getting frustrated a lot when he doesn't have the words/ ability to explain what he needs help with. For example, he may want to build a tower with pillows in a certain way and wants me to help, but isn't able to express how he wants me to help. So, I will guess and ask questions and try different ways, and when I don't … [Read more...]


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