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Early Childhood Conference in Utah!

I'm very excited to be invited as the keynote speaker for a 3-day conference in Salt Lake Valley, Feb. 19th-21st.  The theme will be "Life As the Curriculum," and workshop topics include Attachment Parenting 101, Creating Gentle Sleep Rhythms & Rituals, Make Your Own Waldorf Doll workshop, and much more! My talk topic will be, "Developing A Habit of Yes: How to Melt Away … [Read more...]

Help Your 3yo Sleep Alone

Dear Miss Faith, My daughter is 3.5 and very independent during the day, but very clingy/needy at night.  She falls asleep fine, but comes into our room in the middle of the night and nobody gets much sleep after that.  My husband and I have "solved" this by having one of us sleeping in her room each night, but we're ready to be done with this and feel that she could be ready, … [Read more...]

Next Tele-Class Starts Jan 25th

The last Tele-Class has just ended and it was powerful!  Here's what one participant shared in her feedback: "Thank you so much for this wonderful class! The truth is I couldn't really afford the course, but something told me this might be just what was needed to get me out of a sort of negative rut with my toddler. I was becoming so frustrated with her challenging behavior … [Read more...]


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