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Attachment in the Toddler Years

Join us tomorrow afternoon in Brighton, CO for a talk on Attachment in the Toddler Years: Melt Away Defiance and Strengthen Your Relationship.  Learn why children say "No" and how to establish a mutually responsive relationship that brings you closer together.  Go home with the secret to get get your child to do what you want every time, without tantrums or endless … [Read more...]

3yo Pretending to be Sick

Dear Miss Faith, My 3 yo was really sick last week for about 5 days. During that period some of the rules were broken (like: she watched lots of cartoons… Drunk her chocolate milk with no breakfast… Etc).  Now it’s very hard to bring her back to the “old regime”… She keeps saying that she is sick just because of the benefits she got.  Any advice here?!…. Thanks!!!! Dear … [Read more...]

Sign Up with a Friend!

Hi All,  if you want solid tools for strengthening your relationship and enjoying your kids more, then you should sign up for the Tele-Class, Joyful Days with Toddlers & Preschoolers, starting this coming Sunday (Jan 25th).  If you've been eyeing it for awhile but feeling overwhelmed by the price, please shoot me a message and we'll figure out how to make it work for you. … [Read more...]

Being Too Rough with Baby

Dear Miss Faith, What can I do when my toddler is rough with the baby (usually unintentionally, but sometimes by-accident-on-purpose)? My impulse is to yell and I know that’s not good and honestly doesn’t really help!  It seems like you often suggest being light-hearted or making things into a game, but that doesn't feel right in this case. I want her to know that it’s … [Read more...]

Two Weeks till next Tele-Class

Do you wish you had some tricks up your sleeve for when you and your child butt heads?  Do you wish you could diffuse things quickly, without just giving in?  Do you wish you had almost daily access to new ideas and personal feedback for six whole weeks to take your parenting to the next level?  That you had the support of other parents going through the same things?  If you … [Read more...]


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