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Dinner Prep with Preschoolers

Success!  One mom shares: "When I get home from work I’m usually rushing around trying to get dinner together and end up feeling guilty because I’m not giving my boys attention after I’ve barely seen them all day. My 3.5yo used to be a bit more interested in helping me in the kitchen, but I think I turned him off by being too results-oriented. Lately he’s been saying no every … [Read more...]

New Tele-Class Starting May 31st

I'd like to invite you to join a group of like-minded, committed parents and caregivers in a virtual community for six weeks.  This Tele-Class looks at what makes an adult-toddler relationship strong, it looks at the tools we need in order to MAKE it strong, and it provides time and space for practicing.  For six weeks you get to be inspired by hearing what works in others' … [Read more...]

Peaceful Car Trips

Dear Miss Faith, My 3.5 year old son gets upset when we're driving and I turn or even change lanes, but he has decided that he doesn't want me to.  I've tried being light-hearted and turning it into a game, and I've tried "I'm the driver and I'm in charge," but nothing seems to be breaking the pattern.  What can I do? Dear Mama, This definitely sounds like a who's-in-charge … [Read more...]

Give Yourself the Gift of Support

Self-care is a gift that has positive effects on your entire family.  If six weeks of parenting support and inspiration are just what you need, then I want to invite you to join our next Tele-Class, Joyful Days with Toddler & Preschoolers, which is starting on May 31st.  The class gives you lots of tools for the nitty-gritty of daily interactions: How to get out the door in … [Read more...]


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