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“The support for my home program and practical tools your visit gave me are indispensable! I received so many tips on having mealtimes go smoothly, how to set up a beautiful play space, beautiful songs and games, teaching children to interact graciously. ” -H.C., mother of 2 and home-daycare provider


Joyful Toddlers was founded in 2010 by Faith Collins as a resource for parents, grandparents, nannies, home daycare providers, early childhood educators, and anyone who spends their time with children ages 1-5.

Faith posts free articles and answers questions as “Miss Faith” on her blog, and also provides one-on-one coaching for parents and caregivers by phone or with home visits for families in the Denver/Front Range area.

One of the highlights of Joyful Toddlers is the six-week Tele-Class Joyful Days with Toddlers & Preschoolers, where families and caregivers get six weeks of ongoing support. Each week’s class addresses a different issue common amongst toddlers, and shows video footage of Faith interacting with the children from her own home daycare, the Rainbow Bridge LifeWays Program. Participants share their challenges and triumphs with one another during this time, as they practice new skills introduced each week.

Once participants have taken part in the Tele-Class, they have the opportunity to become Ongoing Members, where they get twice-monthly conference calls, monthly newsletters with games and activities, and a monthly video clip of Faith singing songs or playing games.

Joyful Toddlers

Joyful Toddlers

Your blog has become a grounding force for me…guiding, calming, and reminding me of the importance of implementing creativity and playfulness with toddlers, especially when the impulse to scold or ignore creeps in. ~T., mother of one




No endeavor happens in a vacuum! Many thanks to Kay Diamond for designing this beautiful website, and to Wahhab Baldwin for the website programming. Thanks also to Lisa McVicker of McVicker Eclectic for filming and editing the Tele-Class content, to Beverly Mau for inspiring me to move beyond Blogspot, and to my mother Rahima Dancy for encouraging my work with young children and modeling how to be a successful entrepreneur.



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