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Join My Parent-Child Classes!

I'm wonderfully excited to be starting the Joyful Toddlers Play Garden, an outdoor parent-child Class in Arvada, CO for children ages 1-5 and their parents.  It will take place in the garden behind my home, a half-acre play space that's fully fenced, and chock-full of exciting play spaces for children. For dates, prices, lots more pictures and to register, click here. While … [Read more...]

The Joyful Toddlers Book Is Coming!

Great News!  I'm super excited to announce that Joyful Toddlers will be coming in book form!  Many thanks to the team at Hohm Press who were "beyond excited" to pick up my book proposal.  I'm glad to be working with them and I'm sitting down each day to pound out the manuscript over the summer.  Editing will start in the fall, and the book itself should appear autumn … [Read more...]

New Tele-Class Starting May 31st

I'd like to invite you to join a group of like-minded, committed parents and caregivers in a virtual community for six weeks.  This Tele-Class looks at what makes an adult-toddler relationship strong, it looks at the tools we need in order to MAKE it strong, and it provides time and space for practicing.  For six weeks you get to be inspired by hearing what works in others' … [Read more...]

Give Yourself the Gift of Support

Self-care is a gift that has positive effects on your entire family.  If six weeks of parenting support and inspiration are just what you need, then I want to invite you to join our next Tele-Class, Joyful Days with Toddler & Preschoolers, which is starting on May 31st.  The class gives you lots of tools for the nitty-gritty of daily interactions: How to get out the door in … [Read more...]

Attachment in the Toddler Years

Join us tomorrow afternoon in Brighton, CO for a talk on Attachment in the Toddler Years: Melt Away Defiance and Strengthen Your Relationship.  Learn why children say "No" and how to establish a mutually responsive relationship that brings you closer together.  Go home with the secret to get get your child to do what you want every time, without tantrums or endless … [Read more...]

Sign Up with a Friend!

Hi All,  if you want solid tools for strengthening your relationship and enjoying your kids more, then you should sign up for the Tele-Class, Joyful Days with Toddlers & Preschoolers, starting this coming Sunday (Jan 25th).  If you've been eyeing it for awhile but feeling overwhelmed by the price, please shoot me a message and we'll figure out how to make it work for you. … [Read more...]

Two Weeks till next Tele-Class

Do you wish you had some tricks up your sleeve for when you and your child butt heads?  Do you wish you could diffuse things quickly, without just giving in?  Do you wish you had almost daily access to new ideas and personal feedback for six whole weeks to take your parenting to the next level?  That you had the support of other parents going through the same things?  If you … [Read more...]

Early Childhood Conference in Utah!

I'm very excited to be invited as the keynote speaker for a 3-day conference in Salt Lake Valley, Feb. 19th-21st.  The theme will be "Life As the Curriculum," and workshop topics include Attachment Parenting 101, Creating Gentle Sleep Rhythms & Rituals, Make Your Own Waldorf Doll workshop, and much more! My talk topic will be, "Developing A Habit of Yes: How to Melt Away … [Read more...]

Next Tele-Class Starts Jan 25th

The last Tele-Class has just ended and it was powerful!  Here's what one participant shared in her feedback: "Thank you so much for this wonderful class! The truth is I couldn't really afford the course, but something told me this might be just what was needed to get me out of a sort of negative rut with my toddler. I was becoming so frustrated with her challenging behavior … [Read more...]

Just a Few Spots Left in Tele-Class

The start of the Tele-Class is a week away, and it looks like it's going to sell out!  So if you've been meaning to sign up but haven't gotten around to it, don't wait or it may be too late (the next one won't be till February).  I keep the class limited to about 20 people so that everyone can get all of their questions answered every week, and so that participants can really … [Read more...]


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