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Translating for Children

Dear Miss Faith, I have recently started caring for a few children (in addition to my son) in my home, and I'm having a hard time with one little boy who is 3yo. He growls and yells at other children, blames other children for doing things to him when they weren’t within 10 feet of him, often collapses when asked to do something he doesn’t want to do, pinches – though this … [Read more...]

Wanting One Parent More

Dear Miss Faith, My daughter (2 1/4) has a strong preference for mama. I mean - really strong. My husband and I are both at home (he's been taking time off work since she was born) and they get plenty of one-on-one, but the fact is that if I am in the room (or the house), she'll come try to find me or want me to read the book, or whatever. My husband is really hurt by all this … [Read more...]

Toddler/Infant Sibling Interactions

Dear Miss Faith, My daughter is two and my son is almost one month old. My daughter is madly in love with her baby brother and wants to hold and carry him. I help her hold him while sitting down, but am having a tough time redirecting when she tries to pick him up or take him out of my arms and pulls on him. I find myself saying no while playing tug o war with my infant- not … [Read more...]

hitting smaller children

Hi Miss Faith, First, congratulations. I hope you and your partner had a great honeymoon. I didn't change my last name until I was 3 years into marriage (I didn't think I ever was going to change it, but had a change of heart). In any case, we're having challenges with my 2 1/2 year old being physically aggressive with her peers. Sometimes it's 'out of nowhere' … [Read more...]

Pre-Verbal Hitting

Hey Miss Faith, I was wondering if you could write more on hitting. Our pre-verbal 15-month-old is going through a rough phase this past month. He hits me and my husband in the face, throws things at us and the dog, pulls the cats by their tails and bops the goats on the nose. He's just being too rough with everyone. We've tried reminding him and showing him how to use "gentle … [Read more...]

Toddlers Grabbing

Dear Miss Faith, My son is 22 months and he always wants to pound on the computer keyboard or grab the mouse. My husband yells at him a lot for this, and the whole thing is driving me crazy, but I don’t know what to do. Any ideas you have would be welcome. Hi there, It’s not surprising that your little guy wants to bang on the keyboard and grab the mouse, that’s what he … [Read more...]

‘Shy’ Toddlers

Dear Faith,          I would love your thoughts in shyness in my almost two year old.  I've noticed in recent months that if someone she doesn't know talks to her or wants to engage with her (question, etc) she becomes very withdrawn.  I have had several experiences recently when she enters an unfamiliar space with people around that she … [Read more...]

Responding to Drama

Dear Miss Faith, I have two daughters, four-and-a-half and two-and-a-half. Whenever my littler one takes something, or 'hurts' my older daughter she is very dramatic in her response. She makes it seem like it's the end of the world! Any suggestions for being compassionate, but not encouraging such a reaction? Is there any way to discourage it? Thank, … [Read more...]

The Foundation of Social Interactions

The foundation of positive social interactions between children is to teach them to notice how other children are receiving their actions, and to listen to each others' requests. Noticing How Others React The first piece of this is to help youngsters start to notice both positive and negative responses to their actions. This is especially important when … [Read more...]

Bullying/Sibling Rivalry

Dear Miss Faith, I am looking for suggestions to help with some fairly severe sibling rivalry. This is a preschool-aged old boy towards his young-toddler sister, in a family which I visit with regularly and care about deeply. Thank you, M. Dear M, How frustrating for you to see two children you care about being unkind! Kudos to you for looking to take some … [Read more...]


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