Coaching for Teachers & Daycare Providers

Whether your group is small or large, or you’re just now contemplating the idea of a daycare or play-group, if you want your days to flow more smoothly, consider coaching with me. I have experience in both home and daycare center settings, with mixed-age and single-age groups, and have been involved in founding two separate programs.

See below for rates and packages.

My visit to Mountain Phoenix

My visit to Mountain Phoenix Charter School

Oh my goodness, thank you for coming today! you made me realize that even though I LOVE my job and i feel as though I start every work day with LOVE, JOY, HONOR and excitement…..a job can still become a job and OF COURSE I need to etherically fill the room…..YES, you are WONDERFUL!! ~Joy Wegs at Mountain Phoenix Charter School

I will lead an activity or a meal while at your program, if you wish.

I will lead an activity or a meal while at your program, if you wish.


Phone coaching is available weekly, monthly, or as-needed. All phone calls are recorded and sent to you as an MP3 file, so you can listen to them again and again. Common topics include behavior issues, relations with parents, smoothing out your enrollment process, and more!


As-Needed: $75 per one-hour call

Discounts available for multi-call packages.  Click here for info



“When I was starting my home daycare Faith helped me put together an enrollment process, gave me tips for dealing with parents, and the confidence I needed to move forward. The combination of classes, private calls and home coaching sessions have really helped me.” -DC, home-daycare provider

In-person coaching visits are available in the greater Denver area. Other areas available if I’m in the region; please email me for travel dates. Visits include pre-visit check-in by phone or email, 2-3 hour visit, post-visit meeting by phone or email. Observations and recommendations will be written up and sent to you.

Rate: $375, plus 25 cents/mile travel fee for trips over 10 miles.


My visit with Liz

[I was impressed with] how you turn a challenging situation into something fun — removing a child from a situation when they won’t remove themselves, and then spinning them around or carrying them upside down (“what a big sack of potatoes!”). You made what you were doing with them much more fun than the previous (mis)behavior you were trying to redirect. I realized that physical movement/fun is very effective (…) So I should stop talking so much and get moving with them. :)

~Julie Zacharias, Star Song LifeWays Child Care


I would definitely recommend you to a friend. I think it is so important for teachers to have someone come and observe who are supportive of your teaching and creative in their “problem solving.” Thank you for coming!!

~Liz Linsley, Boulder Waldorf Kindergarten


The support for my home program and practical tools your visit gave me are indispensable! (…) Just having your presence has left such a wonderful imprint. Everything is just “easier” and my program feels so much stronger. ~H.C., mother of 2 and home-daycare provider




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