“My relationship with my daughter is like night and day from when I started doing these calls with you.  [The calls] really support me in my parenting, and I just want to thank you for that.”          ~M.A., Mother of 2

“Thank you very much for the one-on-one call last week. I was so inspired from the call that my energy was completely different [in my after-care program] last week.  I truly thank you for your suggestions, as you could see they worked magic. I was rejoicing and feeling capable again and wanting to continue. I felt that I could do it and be creative and love children. The judgment also went away and I felt that I am not alone. I most sincerely bow to your creativity and imagination! Thank you.”       ~I.L., After-care program leader and mother of 2

“Faith, I wanted to let you know what a great resource you’ve been for me. The tools you teach and guide us on are so sweet, wonderful and life-giving. I am still practicing. But looking back, I am so thankful. As well as looking forward! ” ~M.B., home-daycare provider and mother of 1

“Faith, Thanks so much for all these so useful and lovely calls, your solid advice, imagination and experience are an inspiration to help me to evolve as a mother but from the heart using assertive and creative tools when moments are challenging. Thanks from the heart.” ~S.S., mother of 1

Dear Faith, thank you as usual, for the supportive call:) I put into practice your 4 recommendations immediately with great results! This support time with you is really invaluable! I cannot tell you how lucky I feel to be working with you! Your advice is so heartfelt, practical, simple to implement , and completely on the mark, thank you! ~R.K., mother of 2

I absolutely loved your visit and am filled with inspiration and hope. ~K. M., mother of 2

“Our talks always make me feel calmer and more capable.  Thank you.”  ~A.M., mother of 2

“THANKS for your fresh perspective on things!!!! It gets me ready and jazzed up to take on mothering again.” ~H.W., Mother of one

I would definitely recommend you to a friend. I think it is so important for teachers to have someone come and observe who are supportive of your teaching and creative in their “problem solving.” Thank you for coming!! ~L.L., teacher

The support for my home program and practical tools your visit gave me are indispensable! (…) Just having your presence has left such a wonderful imprint. Everything is just “easier” and my program feels so much stronger. ~H.C., home-daycare provider and mother of 2

“Having these calls has been the single best thing that I’ve done for my parenting so far. I definitely plan on continuing them!” ~A.G., mother of one


In Response to Written Questions:

“I was incredibly grateful to receive such a thorough response [to my question] when I woke up ,it blew me away… I keep this email flagged and reference it over and over… You’ve absolutely found your calling – thank you so much! How lucky I feel to have stumbled on your site.” ~K.J., Blog Reader
“You do really amazing work. I am constantly inspired by your words of wisdom and I hope you know that you are making the world a better place through the work you do with children and parents and caregivers. Thank you so much for sharing your hard-earned pearls of wisdom!” ~S.M., Early Childhood Educator
“Thanks, Faith. We are struggling with constant neediness (read: clinging) and repeating and whining. Your blog has become a grounding force for me…guiding, calming, and reminding me of the importance of implementing creativity and playfulness with toddlers, especially when the impulse to scold or ignore creeps in.” ~T., Blog Reader
“I am over the moon to have discovered your blog! It is such a treasure. I am a family childcare provider who tends to 6 children ages birth-four. Most of the children are young toddlers. I have yearned to find a blog like yours for years. Last night I read all your entries, and every single one described moments that occur on any typical day in my childcare. I am absolutely giddy and joyful in anticipation of using all your strategies. Your demeanor and patience with the children is truly inspiring. I can’t wait to read your future entries.” ~A., Blog Reader
“And thank you for being an inspiration and providing such wonderful material on your blog! I appreciate and enjoy it immensely!” ~S.H., Blog Reader


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