Before the Class: Introductions

Parents crafting at Rainbow Bridge. That’s my mom on the right, in the red dress.

Here we are! Imagine that we’re all sitting around a table together, looking around interestedly at one another. We get started on a craft project together, and as we work we go around the table and introduce ourselves. If only we could be! Well, we’ll do the next best thing, and give our introductions to one another here. Scroll down to “Share Comments on this Post” and tell us a little about yourself: where you live, how many children are in your life (and what ages, and in what contexts), and what you’re hoping to get from the course. And anything else you’d like to share.

If you see something that speaks to you in someone else’s introduction, don’t feel shy to press “reply” and let them know. This is the beginning of our temporary community! I’ll need to approve your first comment/post in this class, and after that anything you post will appear immediately.

After you’ve introduced yourself, do the pre-class reading about The Big Idea (if you didn’t read it before), then click on Class #1.  In each Class title I’ll have a little message for you about the week, and below that you’ll see the Main Reading, the Main Video, the Assignment & Discussion page, and any supplemental readings and videos.  Do the Main Reading before the call if you can manage it, then do the Extra readings over the course of the week, or save them for later if you’re rushed.  Now that you’ve signed up for the Tele-Class, you’ll always have access to this part of the website.  We’ll watch the Main Video during the calls together, and the Extra Videos will be tools for you as you work on the assignments.

OK, enough logistics, I want to hear about you!  Go ahead and introduce yourself, and I’ll talk to you Sunday!

Warmly, Faith



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