Dinner Prep with Preschoolers

pie_makingSuccess!  One mom shares: “When I get home from work I’m usually rushing around trying to get dinner together and end up feeling guilty because I’m not giving my boys attention after I’ve barely seen them all day. My 3.5yo used to be a bit more interested in helping me in the kitchen, but I think I turned him off by being too results-oriented. Lately he’s been saying no every time I ask him to help me make dinner.

Tonight I approached it differently, based on the readings and things said in the Tele-Class. I got all of my ingredients and materials out first, then invited him in by incorporating it into his play. He was a helicopter and I was the chef who prepared food for the helicopters. I said that I needed to teach someone new how to cook so that I could do another job. He was eager to join in this time (yay!) and I made sure to maintain an air of spaciousness during each task. First we separated the beetroots from the leaves and stems, then we washed each part in cold water, wrapped the beets up to roast, chopped the leaves and stems, etc. etc. This all went well – he was losing interest while washing beet leaves so I said we were washing the leaves like people wash their clothes in a river and sang “This is how we wash our clothes, wash our clothes, wash our clothes; this is how we wash our clothes, in the river cold.” He seemed to enjoy it. He went back to his play for a while then came back to help me with new tasks as I called him in.

All in all, this went very smoothly and I felt so happy to spend lovely time with him while preparing dinner. I wasn’t quite sure how to incorporate my little one (21 mos) at the same time so I tried to keep him occupied “washing dishes” and would pick him up to help me season the fish, stir the rice, etc. when the older one was taking a break.  During dinner, we told Dad all of the ways in which the boys assisted. I’m excited to try this at least 2 more times this week!”

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Warmly,    ~Miss Faith

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