The time of the calls doesn’t work for me. Can I still take the class?

Yes! Every class, I have a few people who can never make the calls live. These people listen to the call recordings, ask their questions on the online discussion area, do their assignments along with everyone else, and are fully contributing members of the class. The trick to doing this successfully is to listen to the calls as soon as possible. When you have to set your own time to make the calls, it can be easy to start falling farther and farther behind. Instead, you must really be present and engaged, and you will get as much out of the class as anyone.

I’ll have my kids with me during the call times. Can I still call in?

Of course it’s best if we can have your uninterrupted attention, but we all know that life intrudes. You’ll be able to mute yourself so that you can hear us, but we can’t hear your kids in the background. You can always go back and listen to the recording again after the kids are in bed.

Can I share the class content with my spouse?

Yes, you may share it with your immediate family members. I’m a huge fan of parents having discussions about how they parent, and why. However, I’d encourage you to help your spouse step forward and become a full member of the class, to ask their own questions and make their own contributions. Your spouse can join for only one quarter of the cost of the class. Likewise if you will be paying for a nanny or grandparent, they can also join at the “spouse” rate.

How many people are in each class?

I cap the class size at 24 so that we can really get to know one another and become a support network for each other. This also allows me to give as much individual attention to each person as they need.

Finances are really tight for us right now, but I really want to take the class! What can I do?

The best thing you can do is find a friend to sign up with you! You will each get $65 off. You can also pay over several months to help make it more feasible. If this still feels untenable, please send me an email. I can’t make any promises, but I do my best to help everyone who really needs this class, to be able to take it.


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