Action Book & Downloads

This section will have:

-Download of the main reading

-Download of the action book

-Download of the Action Journal Prompts

Your assignment for This Class:

There are two parts to this weeks assignment.  The first is to work on using positive language, telling your kids what you DO want them to do, rather than talking about what you wish they would stop.

The second part is to work on helping your kids be responsive and say “yes” to you, using the five ways kids feel connected (Singing, Movement, Imagination, Love, Exaggeration).  Are there some that your kids respond to better than others?   Are these the same or different than the ones that come most easily to you?  How has working with these five ways gone?  Successes?  Challenges?  Questions?

If it’s feeling like an overload of new things to do, try focusing on one way of connecting each day: one day use Singing as much as you can, another day use Movement & Physical Fun as much as you can, etc.  I also have a SMILE print-out for you; if I haven’t emailed it to you yet, please remind me and I’ll do it right away!


Use the comments below to share how the assignment is going for you, and ask any questions that come up as you put these ideas into practice.  I do my best to answer questions within three business days.

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