Just a Few Spots Left in Tele-Class

Website Photos 013The start of the Tele-Class is a week away, and it looks like it’s going to sell out!  So if you’ve been meaning to sign up but haven’t gotten around to it, don’t wait or it may be too late (the next one won’t be till February).  I keep the class limited to about 20 people so that everyone can get all of their questions answered every week, and so that participants can really get to know one another, cheering each other on and sharing both triumphs and challenges.

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So far this group is shaping up wonderfully, and it includes ladies from all over the US, two from Canada, and one each from Spain, Switzerland and Israel!  Lots of siblings in this group, so we’ll definitely be putting a little extra focus on helping sibling interactions go smoothly.

If you’re wondering what the Tele-Class is, it’s a six-week course that has live classes each week (by conference call; calls are recorded and downloadable), video footage of me interacting with kids, readings, clips of songs and games to help your days go smoothly, and a discussion space to share your own experiences with your classmates.

I’ve been offering this class for four years, and each time I update the materials to clarify, provide additional resources, and improve the technical side of things.  This class I’m especially excited about because I get to include things I learned from doing my dissertation on toddlers helping with household tasks.

For more information about the Tele-Class, click here.

To read what past participants have had to say, click here.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email, faith@joyfultoddlers.com


Warmly,    ~Miss Faith


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