Reviews of Miss Faith’s Live Talks

Keynote at LifeWays Conference

“It was such an inspiring conference and to be honest, it was Faith’s keynote speech and follow up workshop that were real game changers for me working with my girls. I have confidence in who I am as a mother, but her philosophy and approach toward children gave me a voice that I was searching for. It’s not only the knowledge she imparts on us all, (which is vast) but the manner in which she presents it without becoming so cerebral that our eyes glaze over. She is a true advocate for children.” ~K.J., mother of twins and attendee at the LifeWays conference 2013, San Raphael, CA
“It was very clear that you are both experienced and knowledgeable in your work with young children. I know that many who attended [your workshop] were enthusiastic about the subject, and that they were successful with many of your suggestions at home later…Parents and caregivers were encouraged to speak, and you answered questions directly and kindly…It was a privilege to have you. ~Sarah Capshaw, Rose Rock Preschool, Norman, OK
“[I want to] tell you how much I enjoyed your talk at the Commerce Children’s Center. You affirm my inner beliefs about childhood and nurturing. I feel more confident in following my instincts and letting more personality into my relationship with my daughter. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I wish there were more people out there like you.” ~J.C., attendee at Commerce Children’s Center talk, Boulder, CO

Your Parent Enrichment talk at the school was inspiring, and many commented that they really needed the picture that you provided. It was wonderful to meet you. ~Kathryn Camp from the Waldorf School of the Roaring Fork, Carbondale, CO


“[Your talk] on competence was so helpful. Your counsel is so wise, so helpful and such a force for compassion and love in a world that truly needs more (especially for children!). So thank you for all you give to the world.” ~L.H., attendee, live Tele-Conference Call


[Faith] brings real practical support in the work with young children. I call her “The Toddler Whisperer” because she works magic. But she is equally wise with mixed age groups. ~Suzanne Down, Director of the Rocky Mountain LifeWays training, Boulder, CO

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