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6ec3b86e0f52755f71ddf1751ad8269e_largeI’m pleased to support Megan Streit Wilson in her kickstarter campaign to raise money for the production of a Lock-On Table Tray (pictured).   I have donated money to her campaign, and I’ll be helping out at her event in Denver on October 4th.  More on that in a minute.  First, why I support this:  I have found that including children at the table as young as possible, rather than having them eat separately in a high chair, makes mealtimes more enjoyable for everyone.  It cuts down on behaviors like throwing or dropping food, and it turns meals into social experiences.  There have been multiple research projects that show the importance of family meals eaten together as a predictor for teens doing better in school and having lower rates of all the bad stuff (drugs, pregnancy, dropping out, etc.).  A tray like this can be used with table chairs, booster seats, or a highchair with the tray removed, pulled up to the table.   Check out the product and her kickstarter campaign here:

To promote the campaign, Megan will be hosting an Ice Cream Party in Denver on October 4th.  Not just fun for the kids, she’ll be having giveaways (including a coaching session from me!) and short talks by various folks (including a short 10-minute talk by me).  Here’s info about the what, when & where:


If you meet me in person there, I’ll give you $20 off the price of my Tele-Class, Joyful Days with Toddlers & Preschoolers, which is starting October 19th.  So come and meet me, get your discount , and support a good cause!


Warmly,    ~Miss Faith


P.S.  We have a whole week devoted to Making Mealtimes Special in the Tele-Class.  We go over ways to make the pre-dinner Witching Hour easier and more enjoyable; ways to promote your child’s social skills and improve their food intake at the table, and how to use dinner clean-up as bonding time as well.  Even people who say their mealtimes are fine have raved about how this has helped them step things up a notch.

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