Extra Video: candle songs and graces

Here is a short video clip with two candle songs and several graces–both spoken and sung. I’ve put the words to the songs and verses below. Enjoy!

Video content:

-Candle lighting song:

Give me a light, to light my way

Truth is the light, the wise men say

-Simple Grace (spoken):

Blessings on our meal, peace in our hearts, and peace upon the earth

-Grace (sung):

Earth who gives to us this food, sun who makes it ripe and good

Sun above, earth below, to you our loving thanks we show

-Grace (sung):

Blessings on the blossom

Blessings on the fruit

Blessings on the leaf and stem

Blessings on the root

-Grace (spoken):

Before the flour, the grain

Before the grain, the mill

Before the mill, the sun, the rain

The beauty of God’s will

-Candle song (for ending the meal):

Candle, candle, burning bright

Thank you for your golden light



  1. Thank you for sharing these Faith! 🙂

  2. Celeste Woody says

    Thank you for these!!
    Another one my son sang in his nursery class that is really sweet:

    Hands together, hands apart,
    Hands together now we’ll start.
    We give thanks for food to eat,
    for fresh clean water we can drink.
    We give thanks for love and care,
    Friends and family everywhere.
    Blessings on the meal.

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