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Website Photos 027Hi Folks.  I am currently taking a break from running the Ongoing Membership while my baby is small.  However, if this is something you’d be interested in joining, please let me know and when I start it up again (hopefully in a few months) I’ll send you and email and let you know.

Thanks, Faith


If you’ve been loving the Tele-Class and wish you could continue getting support as you deepen your work with these ideas, consider joining the Joyful Toddlers Ongoing Membership, designed specifically for Tele-Class grads. Here’s what you’ll get each month:

Two conference calls (usually every other Sunday, unless there’s a holiday). Calls start two hours before the Tele-Class calls, they last for one hour, and we spend the first part talking about YOUR families/play-groups, asking if you have anything you’re looking for new energy or new inspiration around. The second half of the call will be a talk by me on a predetermined subject. I tend to have a new “theme” every three months; past themes have been Joyful Holidays (for Nov-Jan), Research in Early Childhood (as I’ve been working on my dissertation in Early Childhood Studies), or simply approaching each of the Tele-Class topics from a new angle. All calls are recorded and you’ll get the links to them.

A Monthly Newsletter that has a seasonal focus (sorry for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere!). I’ll choose some sort of theme to explore with your children (e.g. beans, bees, mud) and give you lots of songs, poems, ideas for activities. I also create Pinterest boards with links to lots of additional resources.

A Monthly Video Clip This will either have 3-4 songs, games or verses on a given theme, or will be a 5-7 minute video of me talking about one of the class topics, role-playing or addressing typical hard situations.

A Yahoo Group where you can ask any question of me or of the other group members. This group varies from being very active, to being used only for RSVPs to the membership calls and links to the call recordings. It’s up to you and the other members, how you use it.

Discounted One-on-One Calls with me. Normal rates are $55/hr; you get a special member rate of $35/call if you’d like to line up additional private calls. If I am near you, we can also line up a live visit; the photo at the beginning of this page is from one of my coaching visits to a member!


If you’d like to join the Ongoing Membership, you can get all of this every month for only $33 per month. When you sign up you agree to stay for a minimum of three months, and after that you can quit at any time by simply sending me an email. If you’re interested in joining, send me an email now, and tell me that you need a link to pay! I’ll be glad to have you.

Warmly, Faith


  1. Claudia Ceppi says

    Hi Faith, it was great class all the topics where just brilliant! I have a question on how long will I have access to the material, the readings and videos? I skipped weeks 1-5-6. I was way too busy with work, and house and everything and wont be able to get to do this until the end of the next couple of weeks when things slow down and the fun starts for the little ones 🙂 Would the material be available? thanks

    • Claudia, Now that you’ve signed up for the class you will always have access to the readings and videos. You’ll need to download the call recordings and any of the comments/sharing you’d like to keep. I’ll keep them up till Christmas, and after that will be taking them down to have a clean slate for the next group. Email me if you have any questions!

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