Regular Call Packages

Schedule regular calls for a discount:

-All calls must be booked at time of initial purchase, but can be rescheduled as needed, according to the regular cancellation/rescheduling policies (see below)

-Calls can be paid for in a lump sum, or we can set up regular payments via auto-pay over the course of your call package.


-4 calls at 10% off = $67.50 per call ($30 total savings)

-6 calls at 15% off = $63.75 per call ($67.50 total savings)

-8 calls at 20% off = $60 per call ($120 total savings)


Email Me to set up payment for your call package

Return to Schedule A Call page


Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy: (this info will also be emailed to you upon booking)

-Calls may be cancelled or rescheduled up to the day before with no penalty by emailing me at

-If you need to reschedule on the day of the call, you must TEXT (or call) me, 720-256-8843.

-Calls rescheduled within two hours of the start time will be charged half-price.

-Rescheduling within 30 minutes of the call or not calling in will be charged the no-show rate of full price.

-I build in flexibility for my evening calls because I know that it can be hard to get children to bed.  I only schedule one call per evening for this purpose.  You can push back the start-time of your call with no penalty up to 9:45pm Mountain Time by texting me.  If you are not able to call in by 9:45pm, you will be charged the no-show price.


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