Song Books w/ CDs

These song books were made by the singing teacher in my LifeWays training, Mary Thiennes Schunemann. I use dozens of her songs on a daily basis with children, and recommend these books whole-heartedly. The CDs are designed to be listened to by you, in order to learn the songs and sing them yourself; they are not intended to be put on for the kids.

This Is the Way We Wash-A-DayA wonderful book with songs for setting the table, sweeping the floor, brushing teeth and hair…

Sing a Song with BabyA delightful collection of bouncing games, peekaboo songs, and other active songs to sing with children up to age 4.

The Wonder of LullabiesNeed a little inspiration for bedtime? This book/CD has songs both old and new. As with all of her books, the CD is designed for you to learn the songs to sing to your child, and is not meant to be played directly to the child.
Singing GamesI haven’t read this book, so if anyone tries it, let me know how it is!


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