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girl and mom sewing, istock photoHi All,  if you want solid tools for strengthening your relationship and enjoying your kids more, then you should sign up for the Tele-Class, Joyful Days with Toddlers & Preschoolers, starting this coming Sunday (Jan 25th).  If you’ve been eyeing it for awhile but feeling overwhelmed by the price, please shoot me a message and we’ll figure out how to make it work for you. I’m willing to work with anyone who is serious about the class, to make it happen.  YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR CHILD IS WORTH IT!

So, what is it that makes it worth it?  The thing is, you not only get tips & tricks, you get a whole new way to approach challenging behaviors, a way that simply defuses them and gets you and your child back on the same page again.  You also get new ways of approaching the endless work required to keep your household running, so that you can get almost all of your housework done while your child is awake, either helping you or playing happily on their own.  Yes, this really is possible.  Yes, with YOUR kids, in YOUR family.  Not sure if this class is right for you?  Shoot me an email, and ask!  And FYI, if you sign up with a friend then BOTH of you get a $55 discount off the regular price!  Add a spouse, nanny, assistant or grandparent for only $60 extra.

Don’t take it from me, take it from this participant.  She is not unique; I get quotes like this in every single class:

“I have been folding laundry & doing the dishes with the kids & I actually look forward to it now. Before I would just have the mindset of getting it done before the kids knocked over piles & would get upset if they did, but now we do it together & it is fun. It is like we are part of a team & it feels like the day is a lot more seamless. I am no longer figuring out ways to keep them excluded from tasks. I have found that my house has never been cleaner or less stressful.”

Intrigued?  Find out more here.  Ask me if you have any questions.

Warmly,    ~Miss Faith

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