Why Explaining and Convincing Don’t Work with Young Kids

When we ask a child to do something, and they say no (or ignore us), the option of explaining why we're asking them to do it, and inviting discussion, is so attractive.  It's what most parenting books suggest, after all.  And research shows that explaining and discussing ARE useful tools for helping to get buy-in from children: when they're adolescents. In early childhood, … [Read more...]

3 Year Old Defiance

Dear Miss Faith, My son is 3.5yo, and we’re struggling with defiance. I had been very permissive with him in the past, and it wasn’t serving us or him. Now I am struggling to establish new boundaries. I feel like this is the right thing to do, but it isn’t going so well. In the moment, when I am exercising my authority he either throws a tantrum (a new behavior from him), or … [Read more...]

Throwing Toys

Dear Miss Faith, I am a home daycare provider and I wonder if you could give some advice on what to do when children throw toys or mistreat them. Getting angry doesn't seems to be helping, lol. -D. … [Read more...]

Responding to Biting

Dear Miss Faith, I have a 2 ½ year old an 18 month old, and both are biting. We’re doing as much as we can to prevent them from biting in the first place, but my question is about what do to once a bite has happened. In general, when one bites another, we say "no biting. look you really hurt her/him" in a stern way as we comfort the child who was hurt. is this a good … [Read more...]

Young Kids and Chores

Dear Miss Faith, Can you talk a little bit more about responsibilities/expectations/chores for 2-3 year olds? How do you go about incorporating young kids into household tasks, self-care, etc? What can you reasonably expect at different ages? When do you institute mandatory chores? -E.N. Dear E., These are great questions! As you know if you’ve read just about anything … [Read more...]


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