Building Competence

Dear Miss Faith, My son is almost four, I'm struggling with teaching him how to dress himself, pull down and up his own pants for going potty, etc. He seems to have no interest in learning whatsoever, and when I ask him to "try before mummy helps", he only does so halfheartedly. Any suggestions? … [Read more...]

Getting Dressed in the Morning

Dear Miss Faith, I wonder if you could give some ideas for me to help my 4yo daughter get dressed in the morning. She is taking it very slow, and nothing I say or do can seem to speed it up. My 2yo and I have to wait for her before we all go downstairs for breakfast, and I find I feel angry and powerless. Another thing is that she has developed a sensitivity to her … [Read more...]

Help with Power Struggles

Hi Miss Faith, My son is 2 and I feel like we are in a constant power struggle. I know it's somewhat normal but I hate this, and feel bad about it. I feel like I'm constantly giving him choices but if feels manipulative. … [Read more...]

Raise a Balanced Child

One of the things that we can do to help our children find their place in in the world is to help them to become well-balanced. A wonderful way to think of this is in terms of virtues. Do they talk too much and dominate the conversation? Being eloquent is a virtue, but it needs to be balanced out by the virtue of empathy, so they can learn to ask questions of others, and listen … [Read more...]


Dear Miss Faith, I've been feeling a little worried about my three-year-old son because I observed him in a gymnastics class recently and while all the girls were following instructions perfectly, he was getting very distracted and off-task. This was right after his preschool teacher told me that he dawdles a lot more than the other kids. So I'm just looking for some … [Read more...]


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