When You Can’t Pick Him Up

Dear Miss Faith, I have an almost-3yo and a 4-month-old. Since the baby has been born, my older son has been very demanding of me picking him up and carrying him everywhere. I tried saying "You are a big boy, you don't need me to carry you," but that didn't work. Then I read that older children need to regress and not be made to feel bad by their parents for doing so, so I've … [Read more...]

When I’m Low Energy

Lavender Foot-Baths When I am in full health, and have gotten enough sleep, I LOVE my time with children. But when I don't get enough sleep, or I have a headache, or a cold, or medicine is making me groggy, the amount of energy it takes to care for children just seems beyond my capabilities. And yet there they are, as rambunctious as ever. Take Care of Miss … [Read more...]

Being Your Best Self

We all want to be our Best Selves for the children we care for. Certainly because this would create the best possible environment for our little ones, but also because when we're our Best Selves, we enjoy our lives more. In a perfect world, it seems like we’d be able to be our best selves all the time. We’d go gracefully through the day, and nothing would faze us. We’d know … [Read more...]

Worthy of Imitation

We all know that young children learn through imitation. Sometimes this is funny, like when a little two-year-old in my care walked up to a big four-year-old boy and said, “Hi Cutie!” Other times it makes us cringe a little bit, seeing our actions or hearing our words come out in miniature. Although we know that children learn from imitation, the logical conclusion to that … [Read more...]


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