5-year-old Tantrums

Dear Faith,  My 5yo has enormous tantrums--kicking, hitting, even biting.  We went through a phase of this at 3.5 when her younger brother came, but we thought it was solved.  Now we don't see any external factors.  Her father wants to move to more punishment-based discipline.  I don't necessarily agree, but certainly need to find something that will help her, and us … [Read more...]

Sensitive, Perfectionist 5 Year Old

Dear Miss Faith, My daughter has a hard time dealing with frustration, and has a real perfectionist streak that has me worried.  For example, when she works with the art supplies I leave out in the living room, she often becomes very frustrated, crumpling her work and throwing it in the trash.  I try to make her feel better, but usually my advice has the opposite effect.  She … [Read more...]


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