How To Avoid the Terrible Twos

Everywhere you look, the message about toddlers is that they are “terrible,” that their favorite word is NO, and that they’re using all of their energy to become independence from us.  However, this cultural paradigm has gotten it all wrong!  Toddlers and parents are not going from connection to independence.  Rather, they are transitioning from one-sided relationships (where … [Read more...]

Tired of No’s

Dear Miss Faith, On your advice I've been using imagery when my 2yo daughter says no, and for the most part it's been very effective. But suddenly in the last week the no's have increased dramatically. No to drying off, no to handing me a bucket, no to me changing the sheets, no to eating, no to me playing with her, no to brushing her teeth, no to washing hands, etc, etc. … [Read more...]

Clingy & Possessive 2.5yo

Hi Faith! I have been thinking over the past 10 days that I am sure you could shed some light on what is happening with my 2 1/2 yo. son. I stay at home with him and there have been no changes to routine or the environment that I can detect. In the past my son has been friendly and charming when around others that live in the home (dad, older sister, and grandmother) but over … [Read more...]


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