Tele-Class Earlier for Foreign Participants

world-mapAt the request of participants abroad, I’ll be moving the Tele-Class time two hours earlier to make it more feasible for folks from around the world. It will now take place on Sundays starting at 11am Pacific Time (2pm Eastern Time, 7pm London Time, 9pm Israeli Time).  Classes last 1 hour and 20 minutes.  This class has had participants from England, Scotland, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, and Canada, in addition to folks from all over the US.   I’m currently excited to welcome a participant from Israel in this round, and I’ve had inquiries from folks in South Africa and England as well, this round.  Welcome to all of you!

For some people the class time simply doesn’t work out, either because of the time difference (if you’re in Australia or New Zealand, for example) or because of work or other activities.  If you’ve been really wanting to take this class, I encourage you to do so!  There have been quite a few folks who have never been able to make the calls live, but who listen to the recordings as soon as possible afterward, and ask their questions in the password-protected Online Discussion.  They share along with everyone else in the Online Discussion, and get as much (or more!) out of the class as anyone else.  This could work for you!

Here’s what some past participants have shared about the class:

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this class. It truly has done wonders for our family and for me as a mom. The tips have been amazing and even just the act of being on the calls calms me. My husband has noticed a big difference with me and with the boys… I got more than I imagined I would have gotten [from this class].”                           -C.L., mother of 2

“Every week has given me new ideas to try and made me more mindful of all the elements that go into this work…Love your teaching, the three layers of: watch the video, hear your comments on it and live question session, followed by written thoughts, and follow-ups to specific questions, it really creates a rich texture to the class.”                   -H.C., mother of 2 and Parent/Tot teacher

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