Tele-Class Testimonials

What People Are Saying About the Tele-Class:


“This class, Faith and your comments are really changing my life. This is quite a powerful experience. I have a loooong way to go, but I know I can keep coming back to the readings, notes and videos, thank goodness, because there is just so much!”

“I just wanted to write and thank you so much for your class! It was so transformative with my oldest, and now that my baby is a toddler, I’m coming back to it again and again! Thank you so much for your wonderful insight and positive ways of teaching!”

Thank you Faith for helping with a major mind shift for me. I’ve really seen a transformation in my thinking.”

“I really had a wonderful time. The course was informative and, more surprisingly, extremely supportive. It not only taught me wonderful strategies for caring for my toddler but also left me with a wonderful feeling of connectedness to the other mothers.”

“Thank you for such an enriching class! It has had a profound effect on my life.”

“Thank you so much for this wonderful class! The truth is I couldn’t really afford the course, but something told me this might be just what was needed to get me out of a sort of negative rut with my toddler. I was becoming so frustrated with her challenging behavior that I questioned my parenting ability daily! I can honestly report that the class did not disappoint, and was worth every penny. Your valuable experience, suggestions, ideas, and enthusiasm truly helped me to remember how joyful life with a toddler really is. Thank you.”

“We’re not even done with the class yet but I have to say, what you had to say on connecting with children is beyond profound! I have been thinking about each way to connect with the children I work with and in just this week have bonded with them so much more in one week than I have in the past year. it has been absolutely amazing. I am looking forward to finishing the classes this weekend!” ~R.M., Care Provider

I am noticing already [after only 2 days) how much easier it is to change diapers, change clothes, get in the bath, brush teeth, etc with my kids.    ~K.K., mother of 3

“Faith you are truly an angel and you have such a wonderful gift! You have really helped me with some hard parenting issues I had and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have given me tools to use that are so successful with my daughter and have helped me to be more successful as a parent. (…) Thank you for that!”

“Your blog and this class have been so helpful to me in becoming the kind of mother that I want to be.”

“It feels so nice to be with my children now, which I don’t know that I could have said a few weeks ago. I was so overwhelmed. :( My kitchen is now always tidy, which is such a surprise!”

“I am so grateful for being able to take this course. Faith you have done an amazing job of putting all this valuable information into such a short course. It has been truly inspiring and reinforced my commitment to be the best, most conscious parent to my beautiful children. No less than they deserve! Thank you again Faith.”

“Faith you are such a treasure of ideas, and your attitude is so encouraging and fresh, it really make me feel that things can and will be better!”

“I loved the classes. I think your advice and methods make so much sense, once I hear your thoughts on something I can’t imagine not having thought of it myself, it just feels so natural. My favorite topic, BY FAR, was the second class on healthy relationships. I also have loved teaching my son and nephew how to talk to each other during their struggles by giving them words rather than just fixing it myself by saying ‘don’t do that’ or ‘give it back’. I feel a lot more confident having high expectations for the kids knowing how to keep those expectations without it needing to turn into a battle of wills if they refuse. ~A.B., mother of 2

[The class] was great. I really do feel like a different parent; much more of the parent I’ve always wanted to be. More creative, more effective and just generally happier. -S.B., mother of one

I have never been happier I paid for any training than this class. I would encourage all my parents to connect with this opportunity to really find joy in life with little ones. (…) Miss Faith shares the practical day to day challenges with you and offers unbelievably simple, caring, creative, thoughtful solutions that truly bring joy to my days and to the days I share with children! Thanks so very much! Merci! Gracias! As many ways as I can say it! -P.C., home daycare provider

My experience was one of feeling stimulated intellectually, spiritually and emotionally at various times throughout the class. It’s sparked a desire to learn more and helped me feel full of ideas at the same time. -K.T.R., mother and home daycare provider

In a word, it was wonderful. The topics were very pertinent, and the material was presented clearly and thoroughly, without being too overwhelming. Your videos were super helpful. The conference calls were great and I truly appreciated the discussions that emerged each week in the comments section. You really go above and beyond when it comes to offering advice, which demonstrates that you are truly passionate about this work. -M.E., nanny of three

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this class. It truly has done wonders for our family and for me as a mom. The tips have been amazing and even just the act of being on the calls calms me. My husband has noticed a big difference with me and with the boys… I got more than I imagined I would have gotten [from this class].”
-C.L., mother of 2

My husband and I took your teleclass last year when our twins had just turned four-years-old… credit for surviving that period with my relationship to my children intact goes to you! I am enormously grateful for the toolkit you gave me to help me work through those difficult months with renewed patience and support. I always send the link to your blog and several posts in particular when my friends are pregnant, and I send it again when their children are 12-18 months old with my personal testimonial about how Miss Faith’s wisdom can help a parent through even the hardest moments… even with twins. 🙂  My boys are now five years old and we are in a blissful period of happiness and kindness and self-sufficiency. It’s such an affirmation of all the things we’ve done the last five years to see the graciousness and patience and good judgment coming from these children. Thank you for your part in that!       -A.M., mother of twins

What People Are Saying About the Ongoing Membership (available to Tele-Class Graduates):

” I have been with you from your very first teleclass a few years ago! I am a big fan and really appreciate your commitment to the tele classes and ongoing membership. I consider myself a lifetime member.” ~K.L., Early Childhood Educator

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