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Hi Everyone,  I’m in the process of re-vamping the Tele-Class content, and have put classes on hold for now.  Please check back in a few weeks for new dates and a description of the new content.


          If you want to take your parenting or caregiving up to the next level, I can’t think of a better way than this live Tele-Class. Filled with practical tips, inspiration and support, this multi-media class is a combination of readings, conference calls, online discussion, video footage of me with the kids, and clips of songs and games.   All calls are recorded and available for download by class participants.

Join a group of like-minded folks who are all dedicated to improving their interactions with their children, just like you.  Share your progress with them and get constant support from me over the six weeks.

Joyful Toddlers

Class Topics:

  • Transform “No” into “Yes”
  • Smooth & Easy Transitions
  • Life as the Enrichment Activity
  • Get Your Housework Done While Kids Play Happily
  • Teach Children to Interact Graciously
  • Make Mealtimes Special

Your Commitment:

You will be expected to do the readings before each class, call in live or listen to the recording as soon as possible after the call, and check in twice each week on the password-protected discussion forum.  If you won’t be able to commit to that, please send me an email to discuss your situation if you’d still like to join.


Dates forthcoming
Calls start at 11:00am Pacific Time (2pm Eastern Time, 7pm London Time) and last an hour and twenty minutes. (Note: Daylight Savings Time ends in the U.S. on November 1st, and clocks are set back one hour)
Domestic numbers for the conference calls are available in over 50 countries. We’ve had participants from Australia, Afghanistan, Canada, England, Israel, Italy, Palestine, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland and Syria in this class! Please email me if you’re outside the United States to make sure you’ll be able to access the calls.
All calls are recorded and available for download by class participants
Course price is $240
-Enroll with a friend for $185 each
-Your spouse may enroll for only $60 extra


Questions? Check the FAQ’s, then contact me.
What past students are saying about the class:

[The class] was great. I really do feel like a different parent; much more of the parent I’ve always wanted to be. More creative, more effective and just generally happier. -S.B., mother of one

I have never been happier I paid for any training than this class. I would encourage all my parents to connect with this opportunity to really find joy in life with little ones. (…) Miss Faith shares the practical day to day challenges with you and offers unbelievably simple, caring, creative, thoughtful solutions that truly bring joy to my days and to the days I share with children! Thanks so very much! Merci! Gracias! As many ways as I can say it! -P.C., home daycare provider

My experience was one of feeling stimulated intellectually, spiritually and emotionally at various times throughout the class. It’s sparked a desire to learn more and helped me feel full of ideas at the same time. -K.T.R., mother and home daycare provider

In a word, it was wonderful. The topics were very pertinent, and the material was presented clearly and thoroughly, without being too overwhelming. Your videos were super helpful. The conference calls were great and I truly appreciated the discussions that emerged each week in the comments section. You really go above and beyond when it comes to offering advice, which demonstrates that you are truly passionate about this work. -M.E., nanny of three

Video footage for the Tele Class was filmed and edited by Lisa McVicker of Prosperity Media. Thank you, Lisa!


  1. Hi, I live in South Australia would this course be ok for me? i’m not sure if the time differences will mean it wont work with the live calls etc. (sorry if ive asked this before, I know I meant to sign up last time but didn’t)

    • I have had one woman from Australia take the class; the calls were at 8am Monday morning for her. She ended up listening to most of the calls through the recordings, but she took part in the class discussion and still got a lot out of it. I’ll email you privately and we can chat.


  2. Maria Barnes says

    Hello there,
    I’m interesting to enroll in this class coming up and a friend of mine also we leave in diferent location I wander how it will work out and how this class will take place.?
    Thank you
    Maria Barnes.

    • Maria, You can absolutely sign up with a friend who is in a different location. The classes take place by conference call, and you can call in from just about anywhere (I have access numbers in dozens of countries). Between calls, you’ll be ‘talking’ with the other class participants in our online discussion board, sharing your successes and challenges as you work on mealtimes, social interactions, transitions, and each other class subject.

  3. I’m afraid I’ll forget to check back for upcoming dates so I thought I’d go ahead and ask… do you have dates for the next session yet? This looks wonderful!

  4. Nicola Jackson says

    Hi Faith

    Hope all is well with you. I’m interested in doing the tele class but could only do the first two sessions on this course as we are away most of July. Is there any way of doing the first two and the the 3-6 of the following course?

    All the best


    • Nicola, I think that would be fine. Go ahead and register, and put this in the section where I ask, “Is there anything else you’d like to tell me?” If you have any more questions, feel free to shoot me a private email.

      Talk to you soon,

  5. As I scrolled down reading I was lifted by the following pairing of letters beyond last initials letters which combined to spell words such as mother, care provider as in our society these letters are priceless and so under valued- I have struggled as of late with my lack of “schooling degree” however I am blessed with the working knowledge of . I would be interested to know if you may offer a sliding scale for your tele-class- Warmly S

    • S– I work with people in several ways to make the class more affordable. Your best bet is going to be to sign up with a friend–that is an automatic $55 discount for both of you. After that, I do have payment plans available for people so that you can pay over three months instead of all at once. If it is still feeling like a stretch, please message me privately–I have worked out deals with people before, giving additional discounts for people who refer multiple friends, for example. If this class is feeling like what you need, then let’s figure out a way to make it work.

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