Two Weeks till next Tele-Class

Happy kidDo you wish you had some tricks up your sleeve for when you and your child butt heads?  Do you wish you could diffuse things quickly, without just giving in?  Do you wish you had almost daily access to new ideas and personal feedback for six whole weeks to take your parenting to the next level?  That you had the support of other parents going through the same things?  If you said Yes to any of this, then you should sign up for the next Tele-Class, Joyful Days with Toddlers & Preschoolers.

Every time I offer this class, I take steps to improve it, incorporating past questions and issues, adding video clips and other resources.  In addition to the film footage of me interacting with kids, I’ve added video clips of  tried-and-true games I use during mealtimes, cleaning the kitchen, getting out the door, brushing hair, wiping hands and faces, when your kids want to rough-house but you don’t have the energy, and more.

Here’s a real comment made by one mom during Week 4: “It feels so nice to be with my children now, which I don’t know that I could have said that a few weeks ago. I was so overwhelmed. :( My kitchen is now always tidy, which is such a surprise! My children are showing better manners now, though I have to work extra with my six year old, as she is accustomed to just making demands. Bless her heart. ;) I can now also see when my three year old is going to be in a feisty mood for the day and not lose my mind and feel out of control. What a relief that is!”

If you’ve taken the class before and want to take it again, you can take it for half price!  If you want a spouse, nanny or grandparent to take it with you, you can add them for only $60.  For more info or to register for the class, CLICK HERE.

I am happy to work with people if you want to pay over a couple of months; just send me a message and let me know.

Warmly,    ~Miss Faith

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