Extra Video: Horsey Rides for Movement Fun

Movement is one of the five ways that kids feel connected.  For some folks that comes really easily, while for others it just feels impossible.  If you want some inspiration of how to connect through touch and movement, try the fabulously fun Horsey Ride!  I like them because they can be as gentle or as rambunctious as a kid likes, and because I can do them sitting down. 🙂

Here are three versions of it: one simple one, one more varied/fun, and one with no “falling down” at the end.  Words for each song are posted below the video (scroll down):

1: Trot along to Boston, trot along to Lynn

Watch out Bonny or you’ll fall in!

Trot through the forest, trot through the town

Watch out Bonny or you’ll fall down!


2: This is the way the ladies ride:

trit-trot, trit-trot, trit-trot, trit-trot

This is the way the gentlemen ride:

gallop-y, gallop-y, gallop-y, gallop-y!

This is the way the farmers ride:

hobblety-hoy, hobblety-hoy, and into a ditch!


3: From the Volga I was riding

On my great horse nobly riding

When I saw a shadow hiding

Minka, charming Minka!

Minka, Minka I have spied thee

Do not in the forest hide thee

On my great horse I will ride thee

Minka, charming Minka!


  1. Michelle P says

    It was great to see these in action, Faith! I love your energy, I felt as though a child was really with you!

  2. Oh Faith, thank you for the fun!!! I laughed just watching it, and wanted to run out and find the first toddler in sight to do them with!!!

  3. Kaye Lathe says

    Love these! I think my girls will get a kick out of all 3!

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